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Making Music is a Passion

About Us:

Studiotoo was conceived and built by Tony Neale as a personal facility for  the playing and recording of music “Home Studio”.

Studiotoo has an approximate floor area of 15 sq. Metres split into two areas Control Room and Live Room. The design concept was to provide a high level of acoustic isolation from outside to in and inside to out, as well as between the two rooms. This was realised through multi layer construction, high density floating floors and walls providing acoustic separation, the actual construction exceeded the design allowing the recording of acoustic drums at night & the tenderest of vocals on Guy Fawkes Night.

The Live Room has controlled but variable acoustics with a hard wood floor, block walls and an acoustically engineered ceiling. This provides a “lively” space for capturing of subtle textures when tracking acoustic instruments. The use of gobo’s & deadening curtains transforms area’s of the live room for “dry” vocal tracking. Full foldback monitoring, computer screens, control room window & DAW/Desk remote control allow for optimum setups to be carried out within the live room, providing performers full interaction with the recording process.

The Control Room has been acoustically engineered to allow critical listening without colouration, which is as important during tracking as it is for mixdown & mastering

Currently Studiotoo is a non commercial venture due to planning regulations and accessibility

“Making Music is a Passion, we are Passionate about Making Music”